Add a Layer of Protective Coating on Your Vehicle

1. Surface Preparation:
Thoroughly cleaning & preparing the vehicle’s surface to ensure it’s free from contaminants and imperfections.

2. Application of Ceramic Coating:
Skillful application of a ceramic coating product creates a protective layer on the vehicle.

3. Multiple Layers:
The coating I use only requires a single-layer application.

4. UV Protection:
Ceramic coatings protect against harmful UV rays, preventing paint fading and oxidation.

5. Enhanced Gloss:
Ceramic coatings add a deep and lasting gloss to the vehicle’s paint, enhancing its appearance.

6. Water & Dirt Repellency:
The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings ensure water and dirt bead up and roll off, making the vehicle easier to clean.

7. Scratch Resistance:
Ceramic coatings provide a degree of scratch resistance to protect the paint from minor abrasions.

8. Longevity:
Ceramic coatings are designed to last an extended period, providing long-term protection.

9. Low Maintenance:
Minimal maintenance is required to keep the vehicle looking pristine, reducing the need for frequent waxing.

10. Professional Application:
Expertly applied by detailing professionals to ensure maximum effectiveness and a flawless finish.

Sandman’s Ceramic Coating Auto Detailing service is the ultimate choice for those looking to protect and enhance the appearance of their vehicles. This service provides a long-lasting shield against various environmental factors, ensuring your vehicle maintains its showroom-quality finish for years.


Ceramic Coating Auto Detailing Norfolk VA


Protect your car with a
ceramic application.
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Exterior Detail

Beyond Washing & Waxing we
leave your vehicle Flawless.
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Interior Detail

Our attention to detail
is unmatched.
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Packages offered are
Platinum, Gold & silver.