We Offer a Variety of Detailing Services

1. Thorough Washing:
A comprehensive exterior wash to remove dirt, grime, and surface contaminants.

2. Pre-treatment:
The application of pre-treatment products to help break down and remove stubborn stains or debris.

3. Clay Bar Treatment:
A clay bar removes embedded contaminants from the paint surface.

4. Hand Polishing:
Hand-buffing and polishing to restore the vehicle’s exterior finish, addressing minor imperfections and swirl marks.

5. Waxing:
Applying high-quality wax or paint sealant protects the paint and enhances its shine.

6. Wheel and Tire Detailing:
Detailed cleaning and polishing of wheels and tires to remove brake dust and road residue.

7. Trim Restoration:
Treatment of faded or discolored exterior trim to restore its appearance.

8. Chrome and Metal Polishing:
Polishing of chrome and metal accents to maintain their shine.

9. Glass Cleaning:
Cleaning and polishing exterior glass surfaces for a streak-free finish.

10. Protective Coating:
Application of protective coatings to safeguard the vehicle’s exterior against environmental elements.

Sandman’s Exterior Auto Detailing service is dedicated to bringing out the best in your vehicle’s appearance, protecting it from the elements, and ensuring that it radiates a stunning shine. Expertly performed by detailing professionals, this service enhances the vehicle’s exterior aesthetics and preserves its value over time.


Ceramic Coating Auto Detailing Norfolk VA


Protect your car with a
ceramic application.
Exterior Auto Detailing Norfolk VA

Exterior Detail

Beyond Washing & Waxing we
leave your vehicle Flawless.
Interior Auto Detailing Norfolk VA

Interior Detail

Our attention to detail
is unmatched.
Auto Detailing Packages Norfolk VA


Packages offered are
Platinum, Gold & silver.