Platinum Detailing Package

This package offers the “best” protection for your vehicle.

Restores, enhance and protect your exterior paint for up to twelve months with a polymer sealant.

Interior surfaces, seats, and carpeting are cleaned, sanitized, and UV-protected, creating a refreshing environment inside your vehicle.

Recommended at least once every twelve months.

Ceramic coating may be applied to this package at an additional charge.

* 3-year, 5-year, and 7-year coatings are available at an additional charge.


  • Handwash and spot-free rinse
  • Remove bug splatter from surfaces
  • Clean wheels, wheel wells, and tires
  • Remove environmental fallout from paint with detailers clay
  • Chemically remove tar overspray and road grim
  • Machine polish to remove swirls
  • Apply polymer-based sealant (protects for up to 12 months)
  • Condition tires and trim
  • Clean windows and mirrors


  • Vacuum and air purge interior
  • Clean headliner, sun visors, and seat belts
  • Clean and detailed dashboard, AC vents, cup holders, console, steering

Wheel and Column

  • Clean door panels, pockets, levers, buttons, handles, and pedals
  • Clean all hard and soft vinyl and plastic
  • Clean cloth seats with a hot water extractor
  • Clean leather seats with PH-balanced leather conditioner
  • Clean any chrome trim
  • Condition vinyl and leather trim and components
  • Clean windows, window tips, mirrors, LED screens and gauges
  • Apply interior fragrance

* Additional charges may apply for excessive road tar and pet hair removal.
**Compounding will be an additional charge


Ceramic Coating Auto Detailing Norfolk VA


Protect your car with a
ceramic application.
Exterior Auto Detailing Norfolk VA

Exterior Detail

Beyond Washing & Waxing we
leave your vehicle Flawless.
Interior Auto Detailing Norfolk VA

Interior Detail

Our attention to detail
is unmatched.
Auto Detailing Packages Norfolk VA


Packages offered are
Platinum, Gold & silver.